Salemh [Sar-lem-hh]

Hedge witch


Earlier years are lost, but since waking as an orphan she has been troubled by strange dreams, perhaps of the future? She spent her early years foraging from the land. Living in the wild thicket and hedges, usually near farmlands and minor habitation. Always avoiding company as chided by many her age. She was eventually taken in by a kindly old lady, for chores. She was taught, and having an innate cleverness, learnt well, the ways of folklore nature and the breathing of life.

She assisted locals, keeping her distance, and has a small amount to tide her by, from selling poultices, ointments, lotions and potions, but soon grew out of such things. With her level of intellect, some challenge is required, something to stimulate the mind, and knowledge of the unknown mastery, that guides the path of all life. She has little, but wants nothing, other than an understanding, and what achieves that.

The old lady eventually passed on her ways, her knowledge, and her life. The old lady mentioned that she was “passing over,” and actually spoke as if it was somewhere else, the other side? Not that she said she’d be coming back, but had spoken to others before, and said that they would speak again. Odd! Perhaps due to this, she wonders often, what is on the other side, of the road, the forest and life.

She is a “quirky” individual, and does not blend with others well, although even if noted by her, would not even be a wasted thought. Her best, and only friend, being “Brushwood.” Who she spends many hours with, talking and sometimes playfully roughing him up. They are never apart and appear to share an affinity together. If one is happy, so it appears, is the other, and that is enough!

If asked, she would state, “I am searching around, looking to find my truth. Whatever that might prove to be. Perhaps to look into the future or just travel through it for knowledge. I suppose we all are, just some more than others.”

She’s happy to be around such a brave handsome Cavalier, although unfortunately, perhaps he, like so many, suffers vanity, greatness and glory. All she sees in his future is mayhem, misery, unhappiness and death. But on the bright side, things go well at this time, and perhaps she should focus on the here and now.

Salemh [Sar-lem-hh]

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