Corwin Dendro



1. Give a two or three word description of yourself. (Describe your concept.)
A: Cocky, Confident, Brooding

2. What is your full birth name? Do you have any nicknames, street names, titles, nom de plume?
A: Corwin Dendro

3. Describe yourself as someone meeting you for the first time would see you. Do you try to emphasize or hide any of these features?
a. How old are you? What is your gender? What is your species/race?
A: 18 years old, male, human. Hight is 5’10, 145lbs, slim. A typical pose would be leaning against a tree, arms crossed with a subtle smile playing across his face.

c. What is your skin colour? What is your hair colour? What is your hair style? Do you have any facial hair? What is your eye colour? Does it change? What is your handedness (left/right)?
A: Long black hair, light beard and sideburns, eyes are hazel. Right handed.

d. How attractive are you?
A: Handsome.

e. What is your most distinguishing feature?
A: Pale skin and eyes.

f. What kind of clothing do you wear? Do you wear a uniform? What is your clothing’s style or level of sophistication? Do you wear makeup? Do you wear glasses/contacts?
A: Adventurer’s garb. Lots of leather hoops for vials and pouch bags. Backpack crammed with stuff. Dark cloak.

4. What other details would someone notice on a closer look? Do you have any scars, tattoos, or birthmarks? If so, how did you acquire them? What do these distinguishing marks look like? Do they have any special significance? Where are they located?
A: No marks, unblemished skin in fact. Remarkable considering the odd unplanned explosion…

5. Do you have a distinctive way of speaking? Any mannerisms or other memorable behaviour?
A: Educated but somewhat sarcastic. Has got into the habit of saying “shall I blow it up?” in inappropriate situations. ie, Ragnar and Corwin were heading through a village in bad weather. A local villager asked for help in removing his prize sow stuck in some heavy mud…..

6. Do you get sick? Maybe you catch the flu twice a year and that’s it? Or maybe you have a weak immune system and catch anything that goes around?
A: Sickenly healthy… there are so many chemicals in his blood stream germs don’t stand a chance.


Corwins cockiness is something of a mask. All his life he’s been trying to live up to the expectations of his father an important noble mage, Deethness Dendro. It is not so much that Corwin was rejected or that Deethness is cruel but rather that responsibility for Corwin is something that Deethness has never been that interested in (Corwins mother died while he was young) as that would get in the way of his magical research or house politics. Deethness sees Corwin as a burden, a result of a moment of weakness and the embodiment of that. Briefly, when Corwin showed signs of mage ability Deethness showed some interest in the boy but after informing Corwin that he expected him to fail, he took it as proof of the same weakness when he did. Thus Corwin has always been hidden from court life, a secret mentioned briefly in hushed tones, often when too much wine has been drunk.

The strange thing is that Corwin does possess considerable magical talent and the reason for failing the trails is a complex one involving self-doubt and his relationship with his father. Fortunately, this talent hasn’t been completely lost, as countless hours cleaning up the experiments of other students and research in the extensive libraries of Skywatch have unlocked a potent alchemical power that even Corwin doesn’t quite understand. He may one-day have to face up to his magical talent but the power of his extracts and formulae have given him a confidence to strike out on his own and try and win approval from his father that way.

Corwins only real friend is a Cavalier named Ragnar a fellow outcast who befriended him after a mission to Skywatch. They became fast friends immediately and form a devastating combination of sword and alchemy!

Corwin Dendro

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