Eccentric hermit and alchemist


An old human in ragged robaes, Bokken’s manner is that of a nervous bird or a jittery child, and his speech is swift and clipped as if he’s eager to finish every conversation he starts.


An eccentric hermit and alchemist who supplies Oleg’s Trading Post, local hunters, trappers, and anyone else who has two gold coins to rub together with potions. Bokken is inordinately proud that his potions are delicious, and has asked the party to collect fangberries — the secret ingredient that is critical to the flavor of his potions — from a thicket almost 60 miles southwest of Oleg’s.

As they weren’t interested in a discount on potions (Corwin can make them cheaper) the old man offered to prepare them a selection of free potions in exchange for a couple of sacks of berries.

Bokken says he came to the Stolen Lands 20 or 25 years ago chasing a brother who murdered his mother and cut off his right pinky finger. However, he was unable to remember the name of his brother when questioned. He repeatedly showed the party his right hand and missing pinky finger, bitterly complaining. “Bastard cut that offa me the last time he hit my mother, Desna rest her soul. But he took off right after to live in a hollow tree down south rather than face the guards, so I guess it all worked out well enough.”


Kingmaker Campaign Justicar