Daredeveil bard. Corwin's first friendly collateral damage.


Bastard half-brother of Ragnar (a fact the cavalier never learnt), Alejandro decided to volunteer to explore the Stolen Lands right after the Lord Major of Rostov found him in bed with his wife.

A flamboyant type, the bard wasn’t the luckiest fellow. In the party’s encounter with the Thorn River Bandits, he jumped into a cart to investigate something shiny and got caught by a bear trap.

He spent the rest of the fight wrestling with the trap, trying not to avoid the arrows thudding into the wagon all around him and occasionally throwing a healing spell at his beleaguered comrades when they came within reach.

Alejandro met his death in the mite lair beneath the Old Sycamore. After fighting bravely alongside Ragnar and Corvan the bard was savaged by a giant tick ridden by the mite ruler and cast to the ground. He seemed stable enough, slumped in a corner out of the way, until a gigantic centipede thundered past him, attracting the ire of Corvan. The alchemist’s bomb reopened his wounds, and Alejandro bled out while the party battle the monstrous creature.

He was buried atop the hill, next to the Old Sycamore.


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